Salazar was a happy man, and now the 45-year- old is facing a mid-life crisis. His personal life
and career lie in ruins... He seems to have no more left to lose. However, nothing is impossible for our professor! He even manages to lose – his own body! The mutagen he invented actually works! Unfortunately, the professor has ingested it, and a bad day turns into a complete disaster.
To return everything back to normal – his body, his daughter and, finally, his good old familiar life – Salazar is forced to venture out into the place he has avoided like the plague all these years: the real world. The realm of teenagers and show business, the world of the homeless, the police and space nomads... He has to learn to break the rules, to fight and to take risks. Most importantly of all, he has to learn to enjoy it

musical comedy, fantasy
release date:
Timur Bekmambetov, Elena Malenkina
90 min.